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          Hotline : 400-0029310
          Tel: 0769-88554559
          Fax: 0769-88554589
          E-mail: YuLong8899@163.com
          Contact: Mr. Yang
          Address: guangdong province following at the state industrial town of cattle pier
          Company introduction

            Following her dragon hardware mold factory is a adopted the silicon sol dewaxing precision casting process; Specializing in the production of high quality carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy steel ordinary the taiwan-owned enterprise. Production product category is very wide, mainly including: mechanical parts, building hardware, medical equipment accessories, the sewing machine parts, power tools parts, pneumatic tools parts, automobile parts, Marine hardware, ultrasonic steel, etc. Products are mainly exported to Taiwan, Japan, the United States and Germany and many other countries and regions. My company has an annual output of 600 tons of casting production capacity. The company is located in guangdong dongguan cattle town at pier, the traffic is very convenient.

            The company has a group of investment in the industry with more than 10 years experience in the engineer and management personnel, the basis of the complete testing equipment. The company carries out "the precision casting, careful management, sincere service," the quality policy, technology improvement is mature, the product quality, high precision good reputation!

            Based on our excellent product quality, competitive price and reliable reputation and customers with the best service, sincerely welcome old and new customers and customers at home and abroad visit.

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          24h Hotline

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